Mar 1, 2011

Ghadaffi's Son Filmed

Hidden camera?
"Saif: We are busy but still wanted to come here. I am here to raise your morale. Let me say something....listen brothers: They, the enemy forces, are spreading rumours that our police and security forces are joining the hooligans. It's not true. Today we will show them that the police is siding with Libya.

Saif: I am bringing you reinforcements, resources, food, weapons, everything you need. We are doing well. Today I have brought you meat and rice. This is your country. We have all the resources we need, but your country needs you ...
I have to come today to you with weapons. Tonight we will [inaudible] in Tripoli.

Crowd: We are here with you. God is great. Allah, Muammar and Libya - we will sacrifice our lives for you."

He is basically saying that the protesters are spreading rumours that the police is killing us, the police destroying us today we show them the police, than he goes on telling them this is your country and you need to defend it and stuff brainwashing a bunch of children and in the ends says i will give you the weapons tonight.

Translation and video thanks to NadorTamazight uploaded 3 hours ago.

Can anyone confirm this?


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