Feb 28, 2011

Creating A blog

If you have ever wanted to join the world of blogging and just never thought that you had the time or the money to get into, guess again. 
There is a myth that blogging is hard to do and you need to put money into it right away to be able to create a blog. This is untrue. 
With the growing desire for everyone to share what they know on the Internet, there are more ways then ever to create a blog for free. Some of the sites are even simple enough for non computer savvy person to understand. 
So get set to create a free blog in a matter of minutes with no need for any knowledge of coding required. Go to Blogger.com to register for a free account. Blogger is one of the most popular free blog platforms that is out there. 
Blogger is part of the google family and if you already have a google email it will be even easier to get started with the process to create a free blog. After you have set up your Blogger account by following the prompts, click on the link that says create a blog.

Good luck!

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