Mar 24, 2011

Symbolic monument in Bahrain demolished

By Ben Farmer in Manama

Saturday March 19 2011

BAHRAIN'S authorities have demolished the Pearl Roundabout monument which had become the symbolic heart of the country's protest movement as forces continue a crackdown.

The monument was flattened two days after police used armoured vehicles and tear gas to sweep away a month-old Shia protest camp which had gathered around the monument.

State media said the monument was removed in a "facelift" to boost traffic flow.

The country's most prominent Shia cleric, meanwhile, criticised Britain and America for doing nothing to stop the violent crackdown by the Sunni monarchy against anti-government protests.

Sheikh Issa Qassem told a congregation of around 1,500 worshippers that protesters should remain peaceful, but that they would "bend to no one but God".

- Ben Farmer in Manama

Irish Independent

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