Feb 24, 2011

This is wat Anti Aircraft looks like..

Maybe some of you were wondering what these anti aircraft weapons are (some probably think about rockets..lol) that the Mercenaries are using against the Libyan anti-ghadaffi protesters.

Here is a good example;

Some others of you could be wondering...what's the difference?

Well, look at this.


  1. WTF?????? are they shooting people with THAT?

  2. This is the Soviet Dushka

    ..intended to penetrate 1 inch thick armoured steel
    A calibre doesn't merely make holes in human bodies, it blasts and blows them up

  3. here;s a pic of Dushka spent shell in Benghazi

  4. Yea, we have 23mm "Sergeys" in finnish AA too. Nice optical sight to lead the target, can be used against live targets and vehicles too.

  5. @mikeboy : I confirm that people in Benghazi have been hit with such ammo from Feb 18 until the demonstrators took full control of town. There are some videos showing a man split in two parts with no stomach and no bowels hit by an RPG.

  6. Take a look at the 30mm canons mounted on US Apache Helicopters loaded with exploding bullets or depleted uranium and then imagine the hundred of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan who have been terrorized and murdered by American forces. How can anyone condemn Qaddafi and not also condemn Bush/Obama? Check -



  7. An egyptian doctor speaking about the effects of those bullets on victims:

  8. Who ever is the chicken shit who wrote the comment about the Americans murdering people in Iraq and Afghanistan must have never served in the armed forces and been in combat and probably just sits in his arm chair watching U-tube or the news videos making judgements against the country and its people who gave this piece of shit the freedom to sit there and run his mouth. These are the people I like to meet in person !!!! Buddy SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH before someone hopefully sticks something in it !!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA and her TROOPS

  9. the guy above me loves the cawk

  10. Being a patriot or a soldier doesn't justify killing innocent people indiscriminately and getting away with it. The innocent civilians who don't have anything to do with Bin Ladin or his terrorists are not legitimate targets. Bush and his gang have caused the death of more than 5000 American soldiers and the numbers keep increasing everyday, not mentionening the thousands of illegal immigrants or wetbacks who have
    perished without a trace, and thus were not included in the official count since they have been hired as mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  11. American forces are among the best in the world. They used to represent the hope of people seeking freedom. Not after the Bushes came to power. If you can notice the trend you would see that they have turned noble soldiers into ruthless mercenaries. They granted them immunity that makes them unaccountable for any war crimes they may commit. This is the worst thing you can do to your nation. If they get used to the taste of blood, be sure that their own citizens could become their next targets once they get back home. Just see the suicide rate of those who returned home.


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