Feb 22, 2011

Libya: War planes versus Civilians

(Reuters) - Libyan warplanes were bombing indiscriminately across Tripoli on Monday, a resident of the Libyan capital told al Jazeera television in a live broadcast.
"What we are witnessing today is unimaginable. Warplanes and helicopters are indiscriminately bombing one area after another. There are many, many dead," Adel Mohamed Saleh said.

Saleh, who called himself a political activist, said the bombings had initially targeted a funeral procession.
"Our people are dying. It is the policy of scorched earth." he said. "Every 20 minutes they are bombing."
Asked if the attacks were still happening he said: "It is continuing, it is continuing. Anyone who moves, even if they are in their car they will hit you."

There was no independent verification of the report but Fathi al-Warfali, the Libyan activist who heads the Swiss-based Libyan Committee for Truth and Justice, who was taking part in a protest outside U.N. European headquarters in Geneva said he had heard the same reports.
"Military planes are attacking civilians, protesters in Tripoli now. The civilians are frightened. Where is the United Nations, where is Amnesty International?" al-Warfali told Reuters.


  1. This is insanity. It breaks my heart to read this.

  2. Kim you're doing awesome work. Do you think you could sneak into Libya and do some reporting? You could call up CNN & Democracy Now and give them the straight up news!

  3. Athie, it really is insane..khadaffi should be killed.

    Barbara, it's dangerous there..mercenaries shooting with mortyr gernades, air force bombing with warplanes..it's just unbelievable that something like that can happen in 2011.

    Atleast NOW we have proof that the so called leader "ghadaffi" doesn't give a sh*t about his people, only about richdom and power.


  4. PS: Thanks for reading my blog. I wouldn't be motivated if nobody saw it.


  5. No problem Kim. Keep up the good work. This needs to hit the mainstream news. This truly shows the horrors of what is going on out there. Thank you for all you do.

  6. The sad part of every war is that more innocent people are dying because of few people's interest.

  7. So sad that they're targeting civilians. When will the peace begin to come around?


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