Feb 19, 2011

Libya death toll rises to 84 as protesters killed in Benghazi

The New York-based watchdog said the killings on Friday took to 84 its estimate for the total death toll after three days of protests which were inspired by uprisings elsewhere in the Middle East but met with a fierce security crackdown.

The deaths in the city on Friday happened when security forces opened fire on people protesting after funeral processions for people killed in earlier violence, the group said. There has been no official word on the number of dead.
"We put out a call to all the doctors in Benghazi to come to the hospital and for everyone to give blood because I've never seen anything like this before," a senior hospital official in Benghazi said.
A Benghazi resident, who did not want to be identified, told Reuters by telephone from the city on Saturday: "There are still a large number of protesters standing in front of Benghazi court. They have decided they are not going to move."

The unrest has been centred in an around the city of Benghazi, about 600 miles east of the Libyan capital, but restrictions on media have made it difficult to establish the full extent of the violence.
"Special forces who have a very strong allegiance to Gaddafi are still fighting desperately gain to control, to gain ground and the people are fighting them street by street," said a resident of Benghazi identified as Mohammed by the BBC.

The broadcaster said residents in Benghazi reported there was no electricity in parts of the city and that tanks were stationed outside the court building.

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