Feb 23, 2011

Dead Mercenary found with Nigerian passport

 It looks like the Mercenaries are coming from whole Africa..therefor I'm wondering how many would there be around in Libya.

One thing is for sure, they have been sent to death by Ghadaffi...probably without even knowing what's really going on in the country.
Even if they are equipped with artillery and anti-aircraft weapons, there is a big chance that they all will be murdered sooner or later.
Let's hope that they put their weapons down before it's all too late.

They are mercenaries, but still Human (in some way). Ghadaffi has already costed enough of lives.


  1. thats doesn't look like a Nigerian Passport.

  2. Yes it is Nigerian..
    Check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjHtGsAadWs&feature=related


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