Feb 21, 2011

Bahrain: New footage

Last Friday, at least 50 civilians have been injured as security forces in Bahrain opened fire on protesters for a second straight day.

Protesters who tried to march to the square on Friday described a chaotic scene of tear gas clouds, bullets coming from many directions and people slipping in pools of blood as they sought cover.

Some claimed the gunfire came from either helicopters or sniper nests. The video shot by RT crew shows chanting protesters marching towards military vehicles before sustained gunfire erupts. Throngs of anti-government protesters took over the square earlier in the week, setting up a camp with tents and placards, but they were driven out by riot police in a deadly assault on Thursday that killed five people and injured more than 200.

Warning: Graphic Content.

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  1. shots are strange .....each video sounds deferent im near to this place i never hear this much gunshot....if army fired like that there will be 1000s of death !

  2. Search for Bahrain on my blog, I have 4 different video's recorded from another angle.

    Ps: Maybe they just can't shoot ;)


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